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Priscila Tuba is a Professional Hair stylist and Makeup Artist based in central, New Jersey with 6 Years of experiece.




While growing up I considered many different careers like teaching or becoming a doctor. Thankfully, I was exposed to the world of hair and makeup and fell in love. After graduating high school I started my exciting journey by beginning beauty school. Once I received my Cosmetology License I found a fabulous salon close to home to gain experience. There, I started as an assistant and after about a year I earned my own chair. That achievement was a special moment in my life. I have witnessed many hairdressers give up on learning new things after reaching this moment, but I always believed a good hairdresser is someone who continuously learns new things and continues to grow. The world of beauty is constantly changing, and that means we should be changing with it. Throughout my years of experience I was fortunate enough to assist top hairdressers that worked with Paul Mitchell and Rusk, as well as learn tricks from top Canadian colorists and celebrity hairstylist from L.A. These experiences helped take my creativity to the next level. After three years of working at a salon, I decided to become a freelance hairstylist. I freelanced for about a year and on my days off I practiced my makeup skills by attending makeup seminars. In October 2013, I finally had the courage and confidence to apply for MAC Cosmetics and was given the opportunity to work with many talented makeup artists. My ultimate goal is to keep growing and expanding my work and getting the chance to make everyone of you beautiful and fabulous.




Love of Beauty is Taste. The creation of beauty is art”

-Ralph Waldo Emerson


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